Elitist rocker Vedder can afford to disparage gun rights

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Elitist rocker Vedder can afford to disparage gun rights

by David Codrea

”I almost wish bad things upon these people,” Pearl Jam front manEddie Vedder groused about gun owners. “But I don’t have to because it seems like they happen anyways,” he explained, after accusing Americans who believe in the Second Amendment of “hiding behind … the Constitution.”

“It seems like every week I’m reading about a four-year-old either shooting their sister, their dad, their dog, their brother or themselves, because there’s [expletive] guns laying around,” he ranted. But I guess it’s ‘fun.'”

Jeez, Eddie, control yourself. Are you saying if they didn’t happen, then you would wish bad things like that to happen to us?

Did you express the same contempt to your buddy and fellow rich and famous collectivist Sean Penn, whose connected celebrity status afforded him an otherwise impossible-for-mere-citizens-to-get Bay Area carry permit? (Not that his unknown street criminal beneficiary needed one when he walked off with Penn’s car-stored guns.)

No, Eddie, it’s not “fun,” and only an individual with issues would couch things that way. Nor are those negligence-caused tragedies as prevalent as Vedder and the media make them out to be, especially in responsible gun-owning — as opposed to criminal gun-possessing — households. But we’re dealing with someone who needs not trouble himself with either facts or with sullying his own hands on such mundane considerations as being responsible for his own defense.

“[S]itting about five seats away from him is Eddie Vedder and his bodyguard,” a forum post titled “A Really Cool Eddie Vedder Story” claims.

“Next to me a woman was saying that this is Eddie Vedder’s bodyguard and he’s upgrading tickets,” a blogger recalls.

“Shortly after, one of Vedder’s bodyguards (he is legitimately 5’4”) walked over and clued Chelios in and the two exchanged phone numbers,” The Third Man In blog relates.

“Nevertheless, it’s an interesting profile of Vedder, whose house, according to Rolling Stone, is patrolled by two bodyguards ‘who check out even the Domino’s Pizza boy who delivers Vedder’s weekly small pepperoni and sausage pie,’” an actual news account reported.

“We waited two hours after the show to meet him,”

. “All the while being told by Jesse (his bodyguard) and Stefan (his driver) that he would not be coming out.”

Then there was “Jennifer’s’ retelling of her encounter with the great (and rude) man and his bodyguard (good grief, woman, get a life!), and this then-15-year-old who says the bodyguard-protected singer sent her to go buy cigarettes. And here’s a post on Pearl Jam’s community forum that also identifies Vedder’s bodyguard as “Jesse, who is a huge dude, who used to be in Marines and special forces and on top of that, he used to be a SNIPER!”

OK, he probably wasn’t all of those, but we get the idea. I wonder if that’s this guy.

Whether he’s the same “security/bodyguard” who used the “almost nasty tone” or whether that was “Pete”(who “ain’t so tiny”) is unclear, but someone kept Eddie from getting his punk hindquarters kicked when he started a fight by spitting in another man’s face(wonderful, classy people, these “progressives”), although that didn’t save him from getting arrested for public drunkenness and disturbing the peace.

You’d be wasting your breath explaining natural rights to this lottery winner (why some incomplete people worship and reward these narcissists is one of the mysteries of our age). Besides, it would be like casting pearls before professionally-guarded swine.

The truth of the matter — and this could be a bumper sticker — isPearl Jam concerts have killed more people than my gun.

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