Big trouble brews for Obama, Democrats

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Big trouble brews for Obama, Democrats

by Anthony Martin

Big trouble is brewing for Barack Obama and the Democrats on numerous fronts. What is developing is the perfect political storm, a gathering of dark clouds on every corner, and in every direction.

First, veteran Democratic strategist and pollster Doug Schoen stated this week that the Democrats’ heavily favored 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is in big trouble. Schoen stated that the Benghazi scandal will more than likely haunt Hillary right up until the next general election in 2016.

Schoen’s words had best not be ignored by political partisans. Although he has been no supporter of Barack Obama, Schoen was one of the few pollsters who called the election in 2012 due to Romney’s high negatives. Schoen stated that he had never seen a candidate win the presidency who had negatives as high as Romney’s. That bit of wisdom proved to be correct, although few would listen.

Next, U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., told reporters this week that yet another shoe is about to drop in the Benghazi scandal — information that will take many people by surprise. Coburn made the comments the day after the House heard testimony from State Department whistleblowers who contradicted official White House accounts of what went down on the night U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other diplomats were slain in a terrorist attack.

Apparently the White House has sought to get out in front of the coming bad news by summoning members of the mainstream media to the White House for a special private briefing on Benghazi. Not only is this not a good sign but it foretells of a concerted effort by the Obama administration and its mouthpieces in the mainstream media to get their story consistent and on the same page before they trot out the propaganda.

And yet on another front, the Obama administration seized information devised by a private developer who had perfected a means by which citizens can print out guns in 3-D, away from the snooping eyes of government. When the administration figured out that citizens could potentially use the software to make their own firearms, including those that are banned in some liberal states, the powers that be in the federal government shut down the developer’s website and claimed full ownership of the technology, which amounts to abject theft.

What, precisely, are Obama and the Democrats in Congress afraid of?

The silver lining in this cloud, however, is that the cat has already been let out of the bag. Before the website was shut down by the government, it is estimated that over 100,000 citizens had utilized the 3-D gun technology. Further, the template that the developer devised is now in the hands of hundreds if not thousands of gun rights advocates who will make sure it gets distributed far and wide.

But the administration’s reaction to this information being available to citizens smacks of Communist China, the USSR under the heavy hand of the KGB, and North Korea.

Americans may disagree as to specifics on government controls on certain aspects of our lives, but most in one accord are quite reticent about too much government interference in the lives of citizens who for the most part wish to be left alone.

One more area of brewing trouble for Obama and the Democrats is the bombshell news released Thursday that the IRS had targeted conservative groups for audits and harassment — particularly Tea Party groups. The fact that the IRS knew this activity was wrong is highlighted by the fact that in disclosing the information, they apologized for it.

Republicans in Congress were not so forgiving, however. Laws have been broken, and thus, Republicans in the House and Senate are calling for a full investigation into possible criminal activity on the part of the IRS.

In each of the cases cited above, an ethical government run by ethical people would insure that heads roll as a result of these outrageous, unconscionable acts of government agencies. The consensus is emerging that citizens have had enough. But is their government ethical enough to deal with the corruption?

Perhaps elected officials should be judged at this point on one quality alone — how many heads of the arrogant, unethical, elitist, and even criminal element of the present government will roll? The politician who succeeds in getting rid of the most riff raff wins.

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Big trouble brews for Obama, Democrats

John Hames

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